Mike Perk

Mike Perk

Mike Perk is the CEO of WWC, a “people focused” digital transformation advisory. Mike is also a founding partner in Heavy Chef, an inspiration platform for innovators and leaders in the digital space.

His career in digital began back in the mid 1990’s. Since then he’s been consulting and helping companies grow and transform in the digital age.

Mike is responsible for helping guide organisations through the people and organisation change that is required in order to achieve an innovation culture and true digital transformation.

He’s passionate about learning and teaching in this space, either on the international speaker circuit, through his learning and change management programmes or through the coaching of leaders that are looking to transform their organisations and become more relevant in a digitally connected world.

He’s worked with clients in all sectors, but particularly in finance, automotive, retail and government. They include Rand Merchant Bank, Virgin Mobile, Hyundai, Old Mutual, Woolworths, City of Cape Town and iStore.

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