Rivoningo Mhlari

Rivoningo Mhlari

Rivoningo Mhlari, born in Phalaborwa Limpopo, is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rikatec. He has a background in Finance and Accounting from the University of Cape Town and has an experience in management consulting from Mckinsey & Company and RIHM Marketing Consultancy & Events. Rivoningo is also part of the Phambili Mzansi NPO team and was featured in this year’s Forbes Africa Under30 Technology list and cover page.

“Mhlari is a master of perseverance. When he first created an information management system using big data and artificial intelligence to solve problems for vehicles such as predicting and detecting vehicle breakdowns, he was rejected 11 times by the manufacturers and insurance companies he approached. The rejections were his greatest motivation. “ – Forbes Africa

Rikatec is an information management system for vehicles that uses big data and leverages of artificial intelligence to predict vehicle breakdowns, predictive maintenance, vehicle wear & tear, resale value and driver profile creation. Our products and services predict and detect vehicle breakdowns, simultaneously providing a connection to the nearest help option within 5 minutes of detection.

We also provide predictive maintenance for fleets, monitor driving habits, wear & tear and use big data and advanced analytics to provide valuable information that can help reduce operational costs.
Rikatec uses real time data and artificial intelligence to provide tailor made solutions for our clients. Our products and services can be used in vehicles manufactured after 1996 to date.

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