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Antoinia Norman

Antoinia Norman

Global champion as an agent of change. Antoinia is passionate about developing more entrepreneurs and leaders by building them as change makers and innovators thus helping them overcome their fears, flaws and limitations.

Antoinia works towards developing a ‘business as a force for good’ environment, with distinct goals towards supporting more businesses that have heart first i.e purpose. Antoinia supports business development and scale through interventions via strategy, training, linkages and great partnerships. Antoinia’ s big focus is enabling women across the globe, building Africa and shifting underdeveloped countries/ ecosystems from survive to thrive , where she has undertaken to work with like-minded individuals and organizations to accelerate entrepreneurship and leadership by broadening the access to quality information, igniting digital transformation in business and enabling entrepreneurs to be investor ready. A significant area of her work is to enable women in business and tech.

Contributor to various global commerce/ entrepreneurial discussions/ forums as keynote speaker, facilitator, moderator, and panelist. Lecturer on business and entrepreneurship at major business schools and universities in South Africa, Europe, Asia and other African Countries. Business leadership coach, mentor and trainer. Serves on certain Boards.

‘I without a doubt believe in predestination, we’re here not by chance to merely exist. We’re not bubbles that pop after whisping around for a bit. We all have a purpose to fulfill. We all have an obligation to help and support each other in every little or big way we can. I relish serving others and doing whatever I can to build, grow and flourish people for a lifetime using business and entrepreneurship as a force for good.

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