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Nathan van Rooyen

Nathan van Rooyen

I started out as a business analyst, moving onto project management and ending up as an IT Manager, now an IT/Digital Executive.

The majority of this time has been in financial services, especially banking & insurance (long and short-term). As an IT professional, I have spent my time on the business end of the industry more than a technology/technical focus. This has made me strong on understanding the need for and creating alignment between business and IT as part of a functioning organisation. I have a strong process background (BA), a commercial mindset and attempt to create sustainable business capabilities rather than taking short term solutions to solving business problems. Development of an IT or Digital strategy is key to ensure this occurs. Coupled with a strong execution ability, I have and can deliver what is promised.

More recently I’ve taken a keen interest in digital specifically. The trend for Marketing and IT to work more closely together in terms of exploiting digital technologies for growing the business and getting closer to clients is an exciting field. Especially the use of social platforms and mobile can create cost effective and innovative acquisition tools or business models.

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